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Terri (Las Vegas NV)- Jaxsin is a great artist with a light touch. He makes you feel very comfortable and gives you the tattoo you ask for. Needles are always new, preep setup is professional. Found my new home for tattoos. the bathroom is awesome too - don't take my word go check it out - beautiful artwork. The shop is clean, tidy warm and friendly. Thank you. I love my new tattoo.


Tracey (Staten Island NY) - First glance it is a very clean store. Walk thru the doors and you are being greeted by the owner and staff. The place is upbeat and friendly.

Megan (Portland, OR)Just got tattoo done by JJ what a great dude. Very personable, quick, and wasn't painful:) He was very easy to talk to and gave me a great idea.. I knew kind of what I wanted and he made it ever better.. Will definitely be back and HIGHLY recommend.. place is super clean and sterile. Owners extremely nice and easy going. Prices are incredible, not overly priced and expensive like most places I've talked too..

Will be back!!



Jesse (Las Vegas NV) - KICK ASS shop and owners are super cool! Clean & Drama free.


Heather (Las Vegas NV) - Jaxsin was amazing with my daughters first tattoo. Very soft handed and made her feel at ease. 


Dave (Henderson NV) -JJ did awesome work at a great price mesg me ill show ya pics. Great staff super helpful overall great exp look forward to more.


Cherie (Las Vegas NV) - They're all amazing artists there! Thank you so much!!


Cory (Las Vegas NV) - Nice clean place with great people! I'll definitely be back there!


Dawn (Inglewood CA) - Very professional and friendly staff. We had an amazing experience!


Dayva (Las Vegas NV) - Such an amazing experience, everything about this place is awesome!


Kat (Las Vegas NV) - My first tattoo was done here tonight. The shop has a good atmosphere & Jaxsin is an amazing artist. I had a very nice experience.


Chella (Las Vegas NV) - Loved the people who own the shop. Great atmosphere and great work.


Sharon (Las Vegas NV) - What a wonderful warm place. Jaxsin was freaking awesome. Can't wait to get another one.


Tami (Las Vegas NV) - The energy & vibe from Jaxsin & his wife was amazing! I will definitely get my next tattoo from him. He was very gentle and informative. Great people & awesome tattoo!


Alisse (Las Vegas NV) - Couldn't be more happy with my new... fixed work of art. Can't wait to get more. Thanks so much Jax!


Elizabeth (Las Vegas NV) - Just got some new ink on my back! Soooo pretyy. Quick, painless and awesome! I'll be back.


Willow (Gresham OR) - Got tattooed by JJ. He was amazing. The shop was very clean. The staff were personable, and talented. I love my new ink!!


Joleen (Mesa AZ) - Jaxsin did a beautiful job on my dragon tattoo on my hand. His touch is so light it was an easy going experience. Check them out!!


Lily (Las Vegas NV) - I got my first tattoo here by JJ. Everyone was super friendly, the place was very clean. The tattoo exceeded my expectation, and I love it.


Josh - (Las Vegas NV) - My wife got a tattoo from JJ earlier today, and afterwards I decided to get one myself from JJ as well. He did an amazing job and was cool guy! Everyone there was really friendly and cool to talk with! Thanks guys!


Michelle (Columbus MS) - Jaxsin has amazing talent! We spend 4 hours there and had the best time and got the best tattoos! If I ever get another one this is where we will go!


Katy (Henderson NV) - Jax did an amazing job on my tattoo. I've wanted it for several years and finally found an artist that did the piece justice. He has a light touch and took great care to make every detail perfect. The shop is super clean, and the entire staff makes you feel welcome and like part of the family.


Melissa (Pahrump NV) - Always a little leary about going to a new artist, and/or shop. I can tell you, I will be back. Great bunch of people, great atmosphere... and great music. Bring your sense of humore, sit back and let the magic begin! Make sure to shout out to Jax...


Stephen (Las Vegas NV) - Great place. Friendly knowledgeable professional just amazing people that make you feel like family.


Yennifer (Santa Ana CA) - We were in Vegas this past weekend and we went with the idea of getting tatted in Vegas. One of my cousin's friends got tatted in Vegas and recommended this place. We called before we headed there and were told they had an open chair at the moment and siade the wait wasn't long. We got there and were greeted right away. They were all very friendly and made sure we got what we wanted. We were offered refreshments and told us we can watch tv or play video games. The place itself is really nice and decorated nice. The bathroom is in fact bad ass, like we were told when we asked for it. lol... They're big on aftercare and made sure to show us the needles used were new. We filled out the paperwork and the receptionist briefly went over after care and answered any questions we had. We were there for about two hours and received exactly what we wanted. When we were done getting tatted the tattoo artists also went over aftercare. Definetely will be back next time we're in Vegas!


Rita (Portland OR) - I was looking for a quality local shop to continue work on a sleeve I started and found this place by accident. I have to say, as someone with days worth of art already on my body, this shop and owners and staff were ver impressive! The owner did my tattoo which was a character from Simone Angelos Tokidoki line, and it came out perfectly. The shop itself is very clean and well planned, the decore is metal bands and Halloween and the flash art on the walls was carefully considered with both male and female artists featuring qulity pieces - all very impressive especially for flash. What you get here is what a tattoo shop should be, artists and owners who care about the customer and high quality art you can't find at many shops in Vegas. The line work was impeccable, shading and color blending on point, and the quality is key. My friend got a Cactus tattoo at the same time that was very detailed yet they finished both within an hour. Fast work, they didn't take breakds or go out to smoke which was awesome. They valued our time and our dollar giving us a great price for the quality and I would highly recommend them. This place is fantastic for locals, tourist or visitors and defintely the best for first timers. We were greeted the moment we walked in and it felt comfortable and pressure free. Of all the shops in the area I am happy to say this is officially our favorite! If you're looking for art that's safe, sanitary, professional and high quality at an affordable rate this is where you need to go! I have never left a review for my tattoos before but felt compelled to give them a recommendation because it's not easy to find this type of quality here and it can be hard to find a good shop if you're not from the area. Go here and you won't regret it. They messaged me first thing in the morning even sending aftercare instruction to my email just in case I lost the paper they gave me when I left. Honestly, I can't say enought, go see for yourself!


Elizabeth (Gresham OR) - Came in the other day and got my long awaited cactus tattoo done! The Halloween decor is rad as is the staff, super clean and knowlegeable. I'm super glad I decided to come here and am in love with my new ink. Well detailed and colored all in about an hour, I couldn't be happier.


Greg (Las Vegas NV) - Good shop, good experience, customer friendly, wants your business, and great tattoo. Jaxsin is the owner and the guy who did my tattoo. Was friendly, worked with me and I got exactly what I wanted at a good price. How many times does that happen to you when you want a tattoo in Las Vegas? Professional, clean, expierienced, and do not want to play the games the other tattoo business are playing in town. Will do any tattoo, and you will be happy. I will be back for my next one, and the other places in Vegas that were to stuck on waiting for the big money for sleeves and back pieces will never see my money again.


Brandon (Sauk Rapids MN) - Great place, very accomodating! Did a great job on the obsure placement I wanted.


Donna Conlin (Knoxville TN) - Got my first tattoo here and it was a great experience. Everyone was so friendly and very professional. Hoping to get another tattoo here next month. 


Ashley (Las Vegas NV) - I am in love with my new tattoo. the staff members were so nice and made me feel so comfortable. A wonderful job was done on my tattoo. I would go back for sure and have already referred friends.


Brad (Las Vegas NV) - Hell ya, such a great shop and let's just say they rock. Would be great if the music would be louder. But I'm coming back in 4 weeks. Thank God I found a great tattoo shop.


Glauber (Las Vegas NV) - Great place. Safe and clean environment. Super cool staff and the apparel is great!


Miles Anji (Las Vegas NV) - Great job Brian I'm in love! Can't wait for more.  Awesome place, VERY CLEAN, professionally friendly bunch. Got a BOMB ass tattoo today and my bobbie lol. Enjoyed it so much going back tommorrow with my sister for her birthday to get more ink... my artist was/IS Brian "The ginger Snap!"


Lacey (Las Vegas NV) - Love you guys! We had so much fun at the party there!


John (Las Vegas NV)Such a great setup there and they are the nicest people! Go check them out!

Heavy rock and Tattoos.....perfect



April (Las Vegas NV) - Very cool place with my beloved 80s metal vibe! Be back soon for a tattoo!



Kris (Las Vegas NV) - This was one of the coolest shops I have ever been to. Lots of room, awesome people that run it and some beautiful artwork. They also have a collection of apparel and other bad ass items for sale. Stop in and get some ink done. You will not regret it.



Ricardo (North Las Vegas NV) - These guys are great. My wife and I both had a tattoo done by JJ three weeks ago. Great experience, everyone was friendly and cool to talk to. Shop is clean and the music was awesome. Can't wait to get more work done.



Leah (Las Vegas NV) - JJ did my tattoo and it's awesome. It's hard to find a really good tattoo artist but I did. Thanks JJ.



Sherri (Las Vegas NV) - Really great shop. Fiendly. I love my tattoo. Had a great birthday getting tattooed here! Thanks Brian! Thanks Jaxsin! Stay awesome.



Karlos (Anchorage AK) - Great Staff. JJ did my tattoos and he was awesome. Very friendly and funny. Definitely recommend this place and JJ. 


Cody (Las Vegas NV) - My wife, my sister in-law, and myself all got great tattoos here. Very happy with our ink!


Kat (Las Vegas NV) - Love the shop, everyone was super nice and JJ did awesome work. I will be back.


Tammy (Las Vegas NV) - Peace, Love, and Unity right here. Come meet the artist and enjoy great tunes while getting your Ink On.


Jenna (Las Vegas NV) - My sister and I got tattoos by JJ and I'm honestly sad to find out he is leaving because he made us feel very comfortable, the process was quick and painless as is possible. It was great!



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