Taking care of your tattoo/piercing after it is done is the key to good health and a perfect end product.  Don't believe your best friend, your dad's homie from the Veitnam war or your gas station clerk.  Believe your tattoo artist and listen to their advice.  Not all inks or products are created equal.  Not all inks are good to use with all healing agents.  You artist or piercer will know the correct products and procedures to follow.  Listen to them and you are assured to be happy.


Good tattoos are not cheap and cheap tattoos are not good.  Just because someone says they know what they are doing, does not mean they know that they are doing.  Home scratchers and traveling house to house to tattoo is frowned down upon in the industry for a reason.  Also... there is a reason why an artist is not working in a shop.... why?  So many senarios.... got caught stealing from a shop, taking supplies from a shop, skimming the till, fudging paperwork... or they are just simply not good at art and are not up to standards.  Either way... your $20 dollar tattoo could cost you thousands in doctor bills to get fixed and then more money for it to be doen right at a studio.  Simply put.... come see us!!! 

Tattoo Aftercare Instructions
Red Rock'N Tattoos & Apparel Aftercare Instructions. Not to be copied for your own business or used in any profitable way. Used only to care for your tattoo work and is under copy right. You have been warned and notified!
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Numbing Agents

Best Numbing Agents 2018
Ink Done Right.com - Best Numbing Agents for 2018

Showering After A New Tattoo

Showering After A Tattoo
Ink Done Right.com - Showering After A Tattoo

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