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Our artists are known for their impressive & unique tattoo work. See for yourself - take a look at our artist gallery now. Before you decide to get work done, browse through our website or contact us to find out more about our artists, their stories and their past work. Everyone has their favorites, so don’t be shy!


Choosing the right artist is important.  Red Rock'N Tattoos & Apparel use ALL disposable tattoo needles & tattooing accessories.  NOTHING is reused.  This means... you get a clean product everytime you come see us.

Our artists design one of a kind pieces for you, as well as a host of other services we offer.  We "RESTORE" old tattoo work making it fresh and bright again.  We "FIX" that stuff that makes you not want to look  into a mirror and you will be proud to show it off.  We "COVER UP" your ex's names or that tattoo you got a a party 20 years ago when you were 14 from that creepy guy that touched you way... to much.  Call for a consult or come down and talk to us.  We take walk-ins or you can call for an appointment asap.  1 (702) 954-4080

Artistic Design & Tattoo Work

We love designing and making the very best art possible for you.  Each one of our artists takes pride in their work.  From the concept of the design -to- the healed tattoo you have and are proud of.

Cover Ups

Out with the old and in with the new!!!  Don't walk around with that ex's name on your arm.  We will design a custom piece to get rid of them for you.  

Almost everything can be covered up with the right techniques and right inks.  We use only the best professional inks here at Red Rock'N.  See you soon...


It's old.... it's faded.... you scratched it dirt biking... you like to lay out in the sun too much... Whatever the case,  we can restore that tattoo to its splendor and glory.


We use the bightest inks in the industry so your tattoos will shine bright again...

Custom Designs

Flash on the walls is good and awesome to look at.  Good for references.  Not good to have the same tattoo as 666 other people....


We have real artists here that can custom design you a very special piece to call your very own.

Artistic Designs...

Tattoos are forever!  If you have ever watched shows like BAD INK or WORLDS WORST TATTOOS... you know all to well that design and correct application for your tattoos is essential.  Get your tattoo designed by us and avoid the hassle of future visits to studios for cover ups and rework.  Get it done right here the first time.

Deals & Specials

We offer deals and specials to all serving or non-seving military, police, fire fighters, emt, etc...


Spend your bithday with us and we offer up to 25% off your inkwork with appointment ONLY!


Show up on your Harley and get up to 25% off, with Jaxsin ONLY!


Ask us about our referral program.

Jewelry, Apparel, Unique items & more...

Jewelry, furniture, apparel and all sorts of kickass stuff that is made by local artists & sold at our studio. We bring you very special items that are found nowhere else.


Plan on getting a lot of tattoo work done?  Hate those long months of waiting for your appointment becuase tattoo artists are "Booked UP!"


Our VIP program allows you to go to the front of the line.  Yeah... you heard us right.  To the front of the line.  Get your ink done the way that you want it done.  Know what we mean?

Red Rock'N Tattoos & Apparel welcomes you...


We thank you for stopping by to look at our page and would appreciate it if you would like us on facebook, instagram and share with all your friends.  We are the Las Vegas premier Rock & Heavy Metal Tattoo Studio.  We hope and thank you for choosing us and hope to see you soon!


We are a multifaceted Tattoo Studio.  We have a great mix of artisic ink slingers and also jewelry, custom accessories and one of a kind items found no where else in the world.  We pride ourselves on our customer service and as well as our personal touch to each person who enters our doors.  We are friendly and inviting.  We have male and female artists here who are aware of the shenanigans that take place in other shops and refuse to let them happen here.


We do support our current and retired service members (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Police, Fire Fighters, etc...)  by giving them 25% off for life.  We will also give deals to the family members of service people.  Call us to inquire how to obtain the deals.  Hope to see you soon...


We are taking appointments and walk-ins...  Book your ink today!


Our Studio minimum is $50.00!  What?  Oh... were you expecting $100.00 like these other Vegas shops.  First & foremost I'd like to make a distinction.  This is a STUDIO, not a shop! Our artists do more than just tattoo.  We draw and do custom designs.  We also make clothes, paint and other cool shit.  We are multi-dimensional artists and live this shit.





Contact Us Today!

Red Rock'N Tattoos & Apparel
6145 W. Sahara Ave   Suite 2/3

Las Vegas, NV 89146

Phone:  (702) 954-4080




Our business hours

Monday - Sunday12:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Facebook Promotion

Like us on Facebook and share us to enter to win free tattoo work as well as other prizes!  Yes... we watch who likes us and shares us.  We are huge on loyalty and support.  We support those who support us!


Studio Minimum is $45


We accept ALL major credit cards and paypal.


Come in for a free consult and see all the love that has been thrown into the making of this studio,

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